28 June 2015

DIY False Eyelash Storage

I have quite a few pairs of false eyelashes which I used to just keep in a clump in one of my vanity drawers, but one day I decided I was sick of peeling apart tangled lashes and searching for matching pairs. So I decided to make myself a cheap but still cute storage solution to keep my eyelashes in their pairs. 


I bought a large pill box for about 50p at a corner shop near my house but I've seen the same thing in loads of different places like poundland. I also used nail varnish remover, I'm not sure if it needs to have acetone in but the one I used did and the ones without it might not work as well.


I used the nail varnish remover to clean off the writing on the lids of the boxes. It took a little while to start seeing results but then it very quickly comes off after that, leaving plain boxes.


I used flat back plastic pearl things that you can buy on ebay for literally pennies to decorate it wwith stripes and spots and flowers to make it look a bit cuter. The pearls are only a few pence for 500 usually.


Finished! I filled it with eyelashes so now they're kept sorted into pairs. Before I use them, I bend them around my finger gently to makes them the right shape for my eyes so I'm not worried about them keeping their shape while I'm storing them.

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