8 July 2015

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Review

Part of me wants to ask why I bought this product, but deep down I know exactly why. They enticed me in with that delicious chocolate smell and I fell for it. I'd actually been really excited for buying one for a while but  it hadn't been available in the UK until recently when I saw it on Debenhams website and decided to pick it up. Most contouring kits come with at least 6 colour's which I think is a bit excessive for what I need personally, so I liked the look of this palette with only for shades.

I've been using Light Cocoa to set my concealer but that's really the only colour I expect to get any real use out of. Medium Cocoa isn't too warm for me so I could use it as a contour shade if I applied it with a very light hand and blended it a whole load, but I'd prefer to use something else which looks good without all of the extra effort. It might look good if I'm going to a club or something though so I might try it out for that. 

Dark Cocoa though, is so warm its practically orange. There is no way I can make that colour work on my skin as a contour without it looking like a streak of dirt down both of my cheeks and it's too dark for me as a bronzer. I hate pop of light too. I love highlighters, I really do, but this is horrible. It's not a nice sheen or even a shimmer, it's like a cream eyeshadow with huge chunks of gold glitter in it. I don't know who thought it  would be a good idea because when I tried it on my face I looked ridiculous. It doesn't look like my skin is catching the light, you can clearly see the giant pieces of sparkle!
T-B: Pop Of Light, Dark, Medium, Light
I do like the brush which comes with the kit though, especially for a brush which came with a palette because I don't often like the brushes which come with stuff. The only other Too Faced brush I have to compare it with is the Powder Pouf but I know all of their brushes are made of their teddy bear hair so I'm assuming they're all pretty similar. The Contour Buki is very similar in softness to the Powder Pouf but feels a tiny bit stiffer and for some reason smells a bit chemically but that'll probably wear off when its washed. The shape of the brush is pretty good for contouring too since its narrow and densely packed. I wish that the handle was a tiny bit bigger so it felt better to hold but I suppose it's that size to fit into the little slot in the palette.

Overall I don't think this palette is worth buying if you have quite pale skin. It might work better if you're darker but I cant say for definite since Dark Cocoa seems very warm to me. For 1, maybe 2, usable colours though, I don't think this palette was worth the money for me.

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