2 July 2015

The Best of Mac Lipsticks

My Top 5 Favourite Mac Lipsticks 


5. Sin (Matte)

Sin is a really dark purple, burgundy red. It is in the permanent line, although I bought it in the limited edition Mac and Toledo packaging. Even though I love this colour and it’s really opaque and long wearing, it’s only number 5 because it’s the old Mac matte formula which can be quite hard to work with and really drags on your lips when you apply it.

4. Candy Yum-Yum (Matte)


Who can resist a bright Barbie pink lipstick? This one is matte too but I don’t find it anywhere near as drying and hard to apply as Sin.

3. Heroine (Matte)

Now I’m thinking about it, I like a lot of matte lipsticks. Heroine is a really unique colour, it’s a bright purple which looks different on every skin tone and it’s opaque and feels very creamy when applying it. It lasts a really long time and looks so dramatic and interesting, it’s my go-to if I want a slightly ‘out there’ lip colour.

2. Sweet and Sour (Cremesheen)

I LOVE sweet and sour sauce, so as soon as I saw the name of this lipstick I was obsessed, but I couldn’t decide if it would suit me or not. I spent hours looking at swatches, I’m pretty sure I even had a dream about it. Finally I went to a Mac counter and tried it on and it looked so good so I bought it. I think a lot of people don’t really like Mac’s cremesheens but I find them so nice to use. They’re not drying and even though they don’t last very long, I don’t mind reapplying every few hours.

1. Pure Zen (Cremesheen)

Pure Zen is a gorgeous peachy nude shade but I hardly ever hear anyone talk about it. I love it because it’s easy to touch up even without a mirror and it looks good with any look. Whenever I’m running late or feeling lazy I throw it in my bag and it just finishes a look without requiring any effort. It doesn’t last very long but since it’s a creamy nude it doesn’t look patchy when it fades or rubs off and since it’s not matte it isn’t drying. 


  1. Great post. Heroine looks amazing

  2. Thanks! So glad they made it permanent.